Radiography and Laboratory Services

  • G.E. X-ray system for standard and special X-ray examination, with CR for digitalization of results.
  • G.E Mammography, also with a digitalizer and biopsy capabilities.
  • G.E 8 slice C.T Scanner (light speed).
  • G.E Open MRI system, equipped with all coils including pediatric.
  • G.E Logiq 9 Ultrasound with multiple probes.


  • Clinical chemistry section can deliver up to 50 biochemistry parameters and up to 200 tests per hour.
  • The immunology section can delivery about 40 immunology parameter and up to 80 tests per hour.
  • Our haematology section can deliver up to 26 haematology parameters and can handle up to 80 tests per hour.
  • Microbiology section is equipped with modern facilities for efficient identification and culture of organizing within a period of time.


  • Normal resting ECG with interpretation software.
  • Stress test ECG with treadmill.
  • 24 hours hostler blood pressure monitoring with analysis.
  • The center has in place all day out patient Doctors consultaion.


Opening Hours

We are located at No 109 Lamido Crescent, Nasarawa GRA, Kano - Nigeria.

+234(0)64402536    0803 358 4051    0806 084 2224